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Joshua Okoye is a Columbus, Ohio native raised in Houston, Texas since the age of 7. He recently graduated from Texas State University with his degree in Exercise Sports Science concentrated in Pre-Physical Therapy. Josh began attending the college ministry at CBC in 2020 and started coming regularly to Sunday service. He began helping with youth activities such as Impact Weekend, Sunday evening discipleship, Fall Festival, Vacation Bible School and other events that offered experience in ministering and working with our children, youth, and college students. He currently works part time at as a Physical Therapist Technician in Kyle for Hoops.Physio located in Inertia Sports and Family Medicine Clinic. Josh is considering pursuing a masters degree to practice as a Physical Therapist or continue full-time ministry, and is currently considering studying to earn a Masters of Divinity. One of Josh’s favorite quotes is “No Bible no breakfast, no read no feed,” from Ray Comfort and the ‘Living Waters’ ministry. Also by John MacArthur:

 “Scripture is useful for 4 things, the 4 necessary elements of spiritual growth. 1) Teaching, imparting truth. 2) Reproof, refuting error. That’s the negative side. 3) Correction, that literally means to straighten someone out. That’s rebuilding, restoring. 4) And then training in righteousness, “pidyon”, a word referring to a child’s spiritual training. The Bible is adequate to teach, to correct or reprove. That is to refute error & produce conviction. To straighten someone up, restore and rebuild them. To train them in righteousness with the end result that the leader, the pastor, any other Christian may be adequate for every good work.”

Hobbies: Playing Basketball, Working Out with Sports Science, Reading, Watching Movies
Favorite Song:
Favorite Movie: The Case For Christ, American Gospel: Christ and Christ Alone, Back to the Future Series
Currently Reading: The Bible, School of Biblical Evangelism by Ray Comfort

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