Where Can I Serve in Children’s Ministry?

So you’re thinking about serving in Children’s Ministry? That’s GREAT!!  Fill out this form as your first step and Sarah Trumbull, our Children’s Minister will contact you ASAP.

Important Note: We vet ALL personnel who come in contact with minors and vulnerable populations in our church body. This means a thorough background check and required training/orientation with Children’s and Youth Ministry Directors. There are no exceptions to this policy.

4 Steps for Volunteers at CalvaryEvery volunteer who will be working closely with children must:

1. Attend CBC for six months before being eligible to serve in positions providing access to children or minors. (There may be exceptions to this wait period, feel free to ask.)

2. Complete an abuse prevention and awareness online training session prior to serving.

3. Be submitted to a background check prior to serving.

4. Complete a Calvary Kids Volunteer Interest form online below. If you do not have email, please call Sarah at 512-393-4744.

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