Livin’ Like Daniel Camp 2017

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On Thursday, August 3rd through Saturday, the 5th, we will host our very own FREE day camp at the church for children going into Kindergarten through 2nd grade. This camp will be from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and will be centered around the life of Daniel from the Old Testament. He made wise choices about food, was healthy and strong, had courageous friends, and was courageous and full of faith, himself!  Our younger kids will “go to camp” and learn the importance of making healthy choices, and to also learn how to follow after God like Daniel did!



*Please Note:*

If you have completed a medical release form or a Vacation Bible School registration form for the year of 2017, we already have emergency information and a parent release for your child. If one has not been completed this year, please contact Miranda to fill out a medical release form.

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