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Volunteer Meeting Days:

We will shoot to meet at least once every Fall and Spring semester for a more formal, calendar/updates/prayer meeting. The times and dates may vary, depending on schedules, but stay tuned for an email update when those dates are calendared.

For all volunteers to receive brief, in-person updates and fellowship opportunities, we will plan for come-and-go style, “5th Sunday Breakfast” meetings. These meetings will be open before Sunday School, from around 8:30 – 9:00 am in the Children’s Auditorium on the 5th Sundays of April, July, October.

Interested in serving in our Children’s Ministry?

Fill out this short form, and you to be contacted directly!

Red-TelescopeVBS 2017 VOLUNTEERS:

June 4th @ 6:00 PM-

Mandatory VBS Volunteer Meeting, and LAST Sign Up day! 

Register before May 28th for the Early VBS tshirt special!


Volunteer Registration:

Every volunteer who will be working closely with children at VBS will need to:

1. Complete an online abuse prevention and awareness training session

2. Be submitted to a background check (if one has not been completed prior to VBS)

3. Complete a VBS volunteer registration form online below, or by paper HERE.

For links to training and information on background checks, contact Miranda.


VBS 2017 VOLUNTEER Registration Form

Fields marked with an * are required

vbs volunteer places to choose

Please read the following areas to serve in, and list below from the above sections.

Please be sure you received a confirmation email about your VBS online volunteer registration.

Concerns? Questions? Call Miranda at 512-787-0678

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