Summer Camp (M3 Camps)

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Our Student Ministry will be going to M3 Camp this year, run by the SBTC, from June 19-23.  This camp will be held at Highland Lakes Baptist Encampment near Austin TX, and will be an awesome time for your student 6(completed)-12 grade to escape the distractions of the world and encounter God in a real way.  The speaker this year will be Nathan Lino and Chad Poe and worship will be done by the Logan Walter Band.  The cost for camp is $245 and there are only limited spots.


If your student is registered to attend camp this year, please fill out this Student Release form and turn it into CBC office by June 1.  Also find a packing list below.

Student Registration Form

Please go to this link to find our Calvary release form.  If you have not already filled one out you can find it here.



If your student is 18 or older, please instruct them to go here to fill out a background check.

Your student will need to make sure they put which church they are with and what event they are attending.  They should select the option M3 Highland Lakes



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