Our ever-expanding digital technology has changed the way we live. We should expect this truth to also change the way we worship. If we are truly authentic in our desire to bring our lives under the subjection of a worship lifestyle that honors God, then media must be and already is, in many ways, instrumental to this end. If you are experienced in media fields such as audio technology, audio editing, visual media, film production, social media, website design or function, or are a person looking to hone skills in the area of media, we’ve got a place for you! Maybe you just checked out our website or social media and thought, “Aw Man! They can use help!” We welcome you! Our Media Ministry is looking for able and willing people to expand its reach, influence, and edification of the Body here at CBC. Please fill out our Ministry Interest Card below and in the case of Media, please include your experience. You can also email our Music & Media Minister, Rosanna Haddock.

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