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Thanksgiving Thoughts and A Word of Thanks…

This past two Sundays have been great days of worship and observance. Two Sundays ago, we observed the Lord’s Supper or Communion.  What a blessed time to remember and to celebrate. This is the time of year that we celebrate Thanksgiving, and the greatest blessing I can think of to be thankful for is a God that loved us so much that He came and gave Himself that we might have a blessed assurance of a future with Him. It’s hard to be grumpy when you think of that kind of love. It’s hard to complain when you think about the sacrifice of the most powerful entity in the universe loving us that way. All we can do in light of that knowledge is awe and wonder and be grateful.

I’m convinced that the world does not share in this hope with us because it is confused. People know they need answers, but many people, even many Christians, want to put our hope in the next election cycle, or in an economic upturn, or in a peaceful solution to world conflicts or perhaps their own family conflicts. Well, all I can say to that is, guess what?–a new election cycle either way is only going to make a different group of people unhappy, it will not solve our problems here in America. Economic upturns always go both ways and soon the market and the economy will turn downward. And your family? The only solution to our family troubles is to turn to Jesus and learn to love the way He loves. We cannot solve our world conflict or our family conflict by signing treaties–they always get violated. We can only solve our problems with one another when we get our hearts right. It is a heart problem.

Our problem is spiritual, and there is only One real Source that can solve that problem and that is Jesus Christ– the Jesus we see in the pages of our Bibles. I that because there are some cults that believe in a different Jesus –a personality that is not consistent with the biblical record. So, some groups might tell you, “We believe in Jesus.” And that might well be true, but upon closer examination, it’s not the Jesus of the Bible. The One and Only Jesus, is described in scripture as the Son of God Almighty Who stepped into the very world He created to humble Himself, (Phil. 2) and be born as a helpless babe. He became part of His own creation. He lived a perfect life that you and I could never live. Then He became the supreme and only sacrifice that could settle my debt of sin and He did it because He loved me. That was the solution for the sin of mankind and it is still the solution to all our heart problems today. That is why we remember and celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

This past Sunday was spectacular – there was just an anointing on the morning.  I mean from the start of the service with the Kids Praise choirs singing “How Great Thou Art,” to the Calvary  Choir, and our congregational singing–it was an awesome morning. And the testimonies that were shared–wow. All three stories were so different, so diverse–from Angel’s story about her early years, the tragedy and hardship that she and her family have endured growing up in the Houston area, how God reached down to pluck Angel up as His own to take her life into His hands and use her in powerful and life-changing ways and how she is still looking forward to what He has for her to do after her time at Texas State, then there was Shawn’s story about his life, the number of times his life was spared through incredible and dangerous circumstances and what amazing and unthinkable things God is doing with him now, and on to Willie and how she came to know the Lord early as a child and has had the privilege of walking with Him many years and watching Him bring her through so much that might make others hard or cynical, but how for her, all those things have simply proven His faithfulness all the more. All three shared the power of a changed life and a great God. It was a great time to be together.

After all of this amazing worship and testimony, we had a feast fit for kings thanks to all the ladies and gentlemen that put it all together and helped serve. It was fantastic! We even saw one young lady invite Jesus into her heart to be her Lord after the service and another young believer join Calvary also. What a glorious day!

You know we have so much to be thankful for as Christians–as I mentioned before, the grace of God, His unimaginable love for us–we have the blessing of knowing Jesus Christ in a personal way. He is to be our focus and if we do that, even when we forget momentarily and mess up on our own or with one another, if we can remember to focus back on Him, things will work out well. Why? Because when we do things God’s way, HE will make sure of it–His reputation and character are consistent with His Word. So, rest easy, do things His way to please Him and glorify Him according to His Word and watch your life become an instrument of His purpose in the universe. What a privilege to be part of that plan! We can have all the material trappings we think will bring happiness–full bellies, material comfort, family surrounding us, entertainment, and our favorite teams playing. We shout, scream and jump around, but how much more should we have that same enthusiasm for the love of Christ. He is really all that matters. This life is just a training ground, for the life to come.  In all the other things for which you’re thankful this season, don’t forget Jesus on Thanksgiving Day and don’t forget to show Him.

Brenda and I wish you and your families a wonderful, safe, restful Thanksgiving Day with your family, neighbors and friends and we’ll see you Sunday morning!

Bro. D


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