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What a great surprise and blessing to me and Brenda this past Sunday night!  I got all of these cards saying “Thanks for 34 years” but it was only 33, so I guess that’s one to go on! I’m good for at least another year, and will hopefully complete 34 years by this time next January. But I really do appreciate all the comments, cards and gifts.  It has been my pleasure for serving here at Calvary for 33 years. It seems like we came just a few years ago with our small children and now here they are grown adults with kids of their own. We were spoiled to a party and all the goodies that go with. You all blessed us greatly with your kind gestures and words.

Moving forward in our new series, we continue looking at the church, whose mission is still in front of her. The task ahead for us is great! The charge has not changed, although the world seems to have changed, at least to our thinking. A bigger problem is that it seems that some churches are catering to that change and embracing a practice of catering to the whims and logic of the world around us. Rather than setting our culture’s temperature, as a thermostat would, we have become thermometers, merely measuring and reflecting the conditions around us. When Christian’s do this, they are half saying to God, “Times have changed, God. You need to catch up, get with it, modernize, capitulate.” Based on what we see in His Word,  I would imagine the Lord might say, “Who are you, O man? You’d better take another look at who you are and realize, I AM.” God is the great I AM, timeless, immutable, unchanging. There is no shadow of turning in Him. Really, as much as mankind wants to think we’ve progressed, the age-old problem still has not changed—mankind tries to live their own way and in the prideful rebellion, sin has and continues to separate mankind from God. Our times are not so different from times that the Bible describes in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. As Solomon declared, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  Mankind’s extremes swing with the pendulum of time.  That is where the Church needs to remain the constant, not that we can’t change methodology which is not sacred, but the message and the calling on our lives are to remain steady.

I pray that we here at Calvary will remain faithful as “the called out ones,” the ecclesia, that bear the fingerprints of a true church. I pray that we will be a people of the Word, devoted to fellowship one with another, attentive to the Lord’s Table or Communion, and that we will be a people of prayer, marked by our intense love for God and for others.

Our world is busy rushing around, getting everything it can, wringing out people for all they’re worth, and it seems like it is not slowing down at all. But let me speak into your lives for just a moment, search the Word of God and let Him lead you. As we find ourselves walking, or running, through this crazy world, let us not lose focus, get distracted, or forget who we are. Let us remain steadfastly dedicated to the things that please God.  I know we all have jobs, homes, recreations, and sometimes we are committed to many things, even too many things. Whatever we do, let’s not lose sight of the “weightier” matters, the eternal matters.  As my friend JV said, “Eternity is too long, to be wrong!”

See you Sunday,

Bro. D


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