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This Week in VBS and Our Continuing Sermon Series heads into “The Pit of Pessimism.”

Say YES to VBS!! A huge round of applause and many thanks to all those that are have worked to make this week possible. There have been quite a few late nights painting, sculpting. building and early mornings opening for those who have come to do the same. As you can see from the stage, the foyer and the areas of rotations, all that hard work has paid off. There’s also been a lot of people working behind the scenes on things like registration, home crafts, and administrative details and these things might go unnoticed because they are in place to make the VBS experience smooth and seamless, but we’re aware of all the hard work. We thank you and the Lord sees your efforts. Kids are learning, new faces have shown up, families and and parents are being ministered to and it’s all for the glory of the Lord. Continue to pray as we will be sharing the Gospel story with our older kids on Wednesday and Thursday evening in their Bible Story rotations.  I am a firm believer in VBS because it’s where I met Jesus and made the decision to follow Him when I was 9 years old. It was a Thursday Night during VBS week in Pasadena, TX and it changed the trajectory of my life. May we have the opportunity and the blessing of seeing the same thing happen in the lives of children at CBC this week!

I hope that you all are doing your assignment that I gave you Sunday Morning. Ecclesiastes can be an enlightening read especially given the world in which we’re now living. It’s easy to become pessimistic if you listen to news media and it doesn’t matter which network. Even the so-called Christian blogs and news reporting agencies can keep you tied up in knots with all that is going on. Bad news is and always has been big business. After the last year’s sensationalism and manipulation of news it’s hard to know who to trust and it’s disheartening to hear so much negativity, and all the news about how bad America is this or that, blah, blah, blah,

I guess I just don’t understand how if America is so horrible, why the rest of the world is striving to get here. From Cuba, people float or paddle by raft, by inner tube and even clinging to tiny pieces of styrofoam just to make the 90-mile trek hyere. From Mexico, they come by  foot, crossing the treacherous desert or the Rio Grande and some even to the point of being willing to be smuggled in the most deplorable conditions imaginable. Why would people subject themselves to that at the real risk of being arrested and perhaps deported if America is such a horrible country? Why? Because it’s still the land of opportunity. We have a small contingency of people who are very loud who want us to burn it all down and start over with socialism or communism. I would simply offer an easier solution. If you are one of those small numbers of people who desire to live in a socialistic or communistic state, then trade places with a Cuban who has sailed or floated here and take the simple, 90-mile trip to Cuba and knock yourself out. You can see what life is like in a country that has been socialistic and communistic for over 60 years now. Do America need improvement? Of course! That’s a silly question. Of course our country could do better. Better with education, better with conservation, better with infrastructure, better with social change. All of that is true because we are living in a fallen world and we all have to contend with flaws in our lives. But like Solomon reminds us, let’s take the time while we have it to enjoy our lives and always remember that true joy comes in serving others and in honoring God.  That is what counts in this world and it’s what gives life purpose while we’re on earth. It is also what will count in the end and self-sacrificing service for others is eternal and leaves a legacy. We are a blessed people, let’s enjoy the blessings that we have been given, but let us not get so comfortable here that we become lazy or greedy. Let’s use all that we have and all that has been done for us by others to honor God.

If you have not read through Ecclesiastes – I’ll just encourage you to do so!

Again, thank you for your continued prayers for my son-in-law, Matthew Foehner and for his wife, our daughter Kim. Prayer is so powerful and we have seen God move. Matt is home and is doing very well. We are so pleased that he will be able to get back to living a more normal day to day routine out of the hospital and that Kim will be able to get back to her work schedule. Please keep them in your prayers!

Blessings to you all–see you in church on Sunday!

Bro. D







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