Sunday School & Children’s Church

Sunday School

We offer a variety of age-graded Sunday School classes that meet from 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m., right before our Sunday morning worship service. Preschoolers meet downstairs in our Preschool/Nursery wing, while Elementary-aged children, beginning with Kindergarten, meet upstairs in our Children’s wing. Check out our classes below, and take a glance at the curriculum we use every week!


Our Preschool Class is taught by Rhonda Emerick, Chris Isaacks, and Ruth Rice

Our Kindergarten & 1st Grade class is taught by Julie Villarreal and Joy Beall

Our 2nd & 3rd Grade class is taught by Cruz and Becky Jaimes

Our 4th & 5th Grade class is taught by Albert and Della Uhr

Children are typically graduated up to the next Sunday School class as they progress in age and/or school grades, during our Promotion Sunday in the fall.

Have any questions about Sunday School? Email Sarah


Our Children’s Sunday School Curriculum:

The Gospel Project for Kids

When Kids Get It, It Changes Everything.

The Gospel Project take kids on a Christ-centered, chronological journey through Scripture. Kids will discover how the gospel unfolds from Genesis through Revelation. When kids truly experience the gospel, their hearts are transformed. It is the gospel, not good behavior, that changes everything.


Children’s Church @ Calvary

Our children’s church is a worship time for children aged 3 years old – Kindergarten meeting in preschool/nursery wing. 

Children enjoy worshiping the Lord through play, Bible stories, activities that have been designed with their age and capacity for understanding in mind. The goal of our children’s church program is to teach our preschoolers and kinders to understand the “big deal” about their Creator, friend, and Savior, Jesus; and for them to understand how and why we come together to worship Him on Sunday mornings!

We encourage children aged 1st – 5th grade to worship with their families during our Sunday morning worship service. 

There are Children’s Worship Packs available in our foyer at the front entrance. Our Children’s Worship Pack Station has book bags, straws, pipe cleaners, and other goodies for children to use during service as they learn how to worship in “big church!” When each child returns their worship packs to the Worship Pack Station, they may dig in the PRIZE BOX for a special treat after service!

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