LifeChoice Creations


We ministry birthed out of a deep desire to bless families with newborns and infants and we are dedicated to supporting the work of TruChoice Pregnancy Resource Center of San Marcos. We welcome artists, craftsman, and artisans who love to create with their hands. What do we make? We make items that we hope will bless families or individuals facing an unexpected pregnancy. The sky’s the limit with creativity and we have seen everything from traditional quilts and receiving blankets beautifully made to bless families, and we have also seen some amazingly innovative ideas for things such as picture frames for sonograms, crib bags and stroller purses, even doll babies for older siblings to have for their own as they welcome a new baby brother or sister.

Whether it’s woodworking, metal work, painting, drawing, paper crafts, knitting/crocheting/sewing, or simply stuffing, we welcome your craftiness and handiwork!  We never know what may bless someone when we allow the Lord to use our gifts! So, come out and join us!

Contact DIANA OWEN at 512-787-8497 to find out more about how you can get involved! Email Diana

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