Wednesday Night Kids Encounter


Children will learn and practice how to pray, worship, and “hide God’s Word in their hearts” at Kids Encounter! 

At Kids Encounter, children will have an opportunity every week to have encounters with God by getting to know His Word through study, memorization of a verses, take home songs, and various methods of learning we call the “Kids Encounter Way:”

For 1st – 5th Graders:

  1. “Look it up!”  – Look up a verse in the Bible
  2. “Write it!” – Write out that entire verse
  3. “Memorize it!” – Sing it, act it out, or just recite the entire verse to a Kids Encounter leader

For Preschool – Kinders:

  1. “See it!” – A Kids Encounter leader will sit with your child and look up a verse in the Bible with them.
  2. “Color it!” – Trace or color a picture on a page that has a shortened version of that verse on it.
  3. “Remember it!” Sing it, act it out, or just recite the entire verse to a Encounter Kids leader


More info:

Kids go at their own pace, using their own workbooks to track their progress as they work to memorize a set of 12 verses, each year. When they memorize a verse using the “Kids Encounter way,” kids can earn “Kids Encounter tickets” that can be spent in our NEW Kids Encounter store!

We use memory verse resources from Seeds Family Worship to also give families a way to remember scripture together by providing listening CDS and laminated memory verse cards to use as it is described in Deuteronomy 6:7-9: in the car, at mealtimes, before bed, ANY time in the midst of life!

Kids Encounter happens on Wednesday Nights at 6:30 pm.
Questions about serving or about your child participating in Kids Encounter?
Contact Sarah Trumbull @ 512-393-4744 or by email–



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