Our Life Commitments

Our Life Commitments are easy to remember with 5Gs: Gather, Grow, Give, Go, Glorify
Calvary Baptist Church Exists to Glorify God. We do this by:


Our God loves communion. We have been designed to commune with Him and with one another. Therefore, we value gathering as a body of believers to sharpen one another in study, to celebrate God in worship, and to support and encourage one another as we flesh out our faith.


It’s a simple fact that if something is alive or living, it is growing in one way or another. Our relationship to Jesus should be marked by growth as well. Spiritual growth is not marked by knowledge or age alone, but by becoming more like Christ in character.


We value exercising good stewardship in all aspects of life and for the collective good of the larger church body. Our God is a generous God. In turn, our response to His grace should be one of generously sharing our faith, our time, our talents, our treasure, and anything God has blessed us with in our lives. Time, talents, and treasure: everyone can give in one way or another. We believe that every member is a minister and every task is important.


A life built to glorify God seeks to be intentional in sharing the love of God with people wherever they go. God wants us to build authentic relationships with people in everyday situations so that “as we go,” about our daily lives, we share Him generously. Jesus gave us a mandate that covers our immediate community and expands progressively to cover our global community.

These four Gs lead us back to our mission statement, “We exist to GLORIFY God.”


The Westminster Catechism states, “It is the chief end of man to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.” We believe the “forever” part of this mission statement begins here, in this life.  The moment we enter into a covenant relationship with God through the sacrifice of the Son Jesus, we commit to live our lives in a manner worthy of His sacrifice. We live our lives for the glory of God, to honor Him, to share Him with others and as we become more like Him, we give our lives away to the world around us.

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