Calvary Men’s Conference 2023


Registration is now open for individuals and groups. Just register online below – we have both individual forms and group registration forms. Don’t forget to hit the pay button (a separate button)  if you would like to prepay. We will also accept payment at the door the day of the conference. We have some great fellowship and teaching in store, so don’t miss this wonderful weekend, FRIDAY, AUGUST 25 – SATURDAY, AUGUST 26.

Doors open Friday 8/25 at 5:00 pm, dinner at 5:30 pm, and conference following. Saturday morning we will have breakfast at 8:00 AM and be finished with the conference sessions no later than noonDon’t forget to hit the “SUBMIT” button to ensure your form goes through. Use the “PAY HERE” button afterwards to secure your spot early and help us plan ahead of time. You can also sign your group up using our group form and signify that payment will be made all together early or at the door.

As Christians, we all pray, but there are “those among us” who are our prayer warriors! You have a penchant, a proclivity, a passion for prayer and we’re counting on you to be in prayer for this conference ahead of time. We need the “effective and fervent prayers of righteous men [and women].” We look forward to seeing what marvelous things come out of this conference. See you in August!

Don’t hesitate to contact our church office (512-353-8540) or Pastor Dennis (512-557-2714) if you have questions or concerns.

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